Jun 9, 2013

I am a horrible blogger

Yeah, way behind.

As for weigh ins - well I'm back to 219.5 as of Thursday. I haven't tracked in weeks. I haven't been making good choices every day. I'm slacking bad.

But.. Wedding is in 5 short short days! Once that is all over with and I'm not such a ball of stress I WILL get back on track! I'm hoping to join the rec center in Jefferson as well and start working out. I don't want to regress too far.. I really don't. It's just been so hard under so much stress.

As for wedding things - everything is going pretty smoothly. Just found out that there's going to be a possible thunderstorm day of.. Meaning we can't have the barn wedding! Luckily their is a church on the grounds so it wont be too big of a deal. If anything it will be less stressfull having it in the church. Don't have to set up chairs, won't be too hot. Theres more room for our guests.. ext. Trying to keep my mind of the bright side of things, even tho I really had my heart set on that barn!

Well that's it for now! Next time I update I'll be MRS. ASHLEY MARIE VOEGE

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