Mar 30, 2013

A change..

Well, I've revamped the blog, yet again. Not that it's ever been much of a blog to begin with!!

I will have to confess, I haven't even TOUCHED a coupon in over a year. I pay full price for everything now and I feel so DIRTY about it!! Life has kind of kept me busy.. Every week I say I'm going to start back up, but never do. However I WILL. I MUST! Just.. yeah.. Eventually! lol

I'm engaged now! Getting married in a few short months! The last few months have been filled with crafts. It's been an adventure. I'd love to blog about some of them! One of these days! So many changes these days! I work at an assisted living community as head cook now, and part time in the hyvee kitchen as well. My lil man turned 3 in February! He's getting so big! I think we've finally tackled potty training now now working on trying to phase out the tantrums.. unsuccessfully!

And the biggest change is that I've finally decided to take a stand on my health and weight. It's something I've always dealt with. I don't have the highest self esteem, hell I don't really have ANY! And I'm tired of it! I'm tired of going through an emotional breakdown every time I go shopping for clothes and I'm tired of being revolted of every picture of myself! I've finally made up my mind and decided I deserve to ENJOY my life and LOVE MY SELF. It's going to be a long road - and I don't just mean getting the weight off. I have a lot of baggage I've carried for most of my life.

My first step has been joining Weight Watchers. First off let me say I don't own Weight Watchers, neither am I a spokesperson or whatever. I'm just a Weight Watchers Member and I plan on blogging on my weight loss! I want to keep myself motivated, and stop posting so much on my Facebook! Haha.

SO stay tuned! I'm going to try hard to actually keep this blog up and going!!

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