May 2, 2013

One step back...

Well.. time to face the music - Weigh in Thursday. I gained. *ugh* Only one pound - but I gained!! It's so depressing! It was a bad week - worse than last week for sure. Heck I'll own up and tell y'all that I ate an entire package of double stuffed Oreos in the span of 2 days - that I bought for my Fiancee! ... I am ashamed!

But I am getting back on track! Things are starting to get less stressful at home.. Got more wedding things done and bought which takes a load off. Got my bridesmaids situation fixed and even got my sons suit for the wedding!

And the best news of all - We put in an offer on another house and it got accepted! I actually haven't seen the house - with all the stress it's put on me I told Matt that I couldn't handle it any longer and told him that we needed to give up. He didn't agree so I told him if he wanted to continue that it was up to him. So we'll see where it goes from here. The house is in Jefferson - which is about an hour from where we are now. I would have to get a new job for sure - which is fine. I'm not loving either of my jobs as of right now. They are building a Hyvee that I could possibly transfer to and RUMORS are that they will be building a CASINO in the next year or two. That would be fantastic! As much drama as there was at the Wild Rose Casino I worked at, I do miss it. I miss the responsibilities I had and being in charge of something! I feel like I took a real step backwards career wise by moving out here, and hopefully that'll be a way for me to move forward again.

Well.. Speaking of work - I worked a total of 14 hrs today between the two jobs - and I'm doing it again tomorrow! I wanted to put together some CF facts but it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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