Sep 20, 2014

Okay.. Wow.. What happened?!

Yeah.. Wow. I don't have a good answer for that. I fell off, hard. I went through a general funk there at first. Didn't want to do anything.. No diet no friends... Nothing. Then when I pushed through that it just got harder and harder to get back on the 'band wagon'. I've weighed in still for the most part.. Last week I had a gain, this week I had a loss. I haven't done any MAJOR damage - but it's still hard for me to STICK to eating right somehow! I'm not sure what changed and why all the sudden I just stopped.. But I'm getting back on 'track' with tracking. Although, I may not track tomorrow. Chinese take out for lunch and Popeyes for supper. BUT yes, getting back on track for  today!

As for the most current weigh in -

9/18/14 248.8 0.5lb loss (from last blogged weigh in) (7.6lbs total)

SO.. yeah. Not too bad. BUT getting back on track! Had my cereal for breakfast.. and going to do a workout later. Tomorrow I'm going to have a fatty breakfast.. buuut going to do a lot of walking around and have a healthy picnic with my BFF when we take our kiddos to see Thomas the Train.

Thank you for everyone who has stuck around during my time off the wagon. PLEASE stick with me and continue to cheer me on! I need the motivational help! Love you all!!

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