Aug 15, 2014

Weight in Thursday (a little late...)

     Sorry! Been really sick over here.. Started as what I thought was just allergies and it's enveloped into whatever it is I have now. I'm not a Doctor buuut, I'd guess it's an upper respiratory infection, or a sinus infection at the very least. I haven't worked out since last Wednesday (although Saturday I had a crazy round of cleaning around my house which should be counted at working out). I feel bad about it, but I've really hardly had enough energy to get up and out of bed each morning, and working out just sounds horrible.

     I've been thinking of moving my Weight Waters lapse day to Friday. See, starting a few months ago, a few girlfriends and I have started getting together nearly every Wednesday.. We call it our #WCW (woman crush Wednesday). These woman have become my lifeline! There were weeks where Wednesdays were the only day I looked forward to! I don't think these girls know just how much I needed their friendship in all this! But -- back on track here. WCW usually consists of eating, sometimes a bit of drinking, gossiping, talking, laughing, and more EATING. Everyone is very aware of my diet, and my friend Brie is also dieting, so the other 2 girls have also taken that into consideration. Last week we had DIY pizzas and my friend ensured I had all the diet cheese and healthy toppings I wanted. This week we had a loaded baked potato bar. So many carbs! But yes.. the point of this is that I think weighing in the morning after WCW is not good! Actually though, thinking about it more - Maybe that's best. Maybe I won't move my weigh in day, just so that I have something looming Wednesday night to try to keep me on track!

     But yes, moooooving on!

8/14/14  249.3  3.6lb loss (7.1lb total)

     Pretty happy yesterday! Made me feel much better seeing a slightly higher number loss there! Made me feel a litter better about all the work I'm putting into it. And knowing I'm back under 250lbs is a wonderful feeling! I'm just about back to my starting weight the last time I started Weight Watchers.. which is kind of a kick in the ass, but oh well. I'm going to get this off.. AND KEEP IT OFF!!

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