Oct 8, 2010

Oh yes!

I KNEW there was an actual reason I wanted to post something! SO I'm actually gonna try to blog more.. Maybe not all about cooking things.. I REALLY wanna be more crafty and have been following more and more blogs with SO many great ideas!

ALSO I wanted to share the most awesome website ever.. I do not own or take any rights to it of course, I just absolutely love it! Any time someone asks me for recipe ideas I send them here because it's what I use. http://www.allrecipes.com Go! create an account! You can browse their recipes and add them to your recipe box! As your browsing you can see how their rated and read other peoples comments on them... how they liked it, how they would change it, ext. You can also post your own recipes, comments, ext. I love this website! You can sign up for the 'daily recipe email' which I'll admit most days gets deleted.. but we've all been in that food rut and sometimes that's all you need for some great inspiration! So please! Check it out and enjoy! :)

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