Oct 8, 2010


So.. This post is non food related.. But I just feel the need to right. I've been sick, again. I feel like I'm always sick! And when I'm not sick Javion is!! I got real sick at work on Wednesday.. strangest thing ever and it hit me SO fast! Started with a little bit of a sore throat.. then got some crazy nausea and dizzy spells.. tried working a bit more and my hands started shaking and before I knew it I started seeing spots like I was about to pass out. My chest got tight and I could hardly breath. I sat down for a bit and my boss told me to go take my lunch break. Got a sub and sat out in my car for the hour.. Ate a few bites and started feeling better.. Got back into work and not 20 minutes in it started all over again.. so I would go into the bathroom just to sit down for 5 minutes, pull myself back together, and go out again. Did this for 2 hours and finally broke down and left early. By then I started getting some serious pain in my back so I knew my kidneys were involved some how (when are they not?!) Called my Aunt Luan who's a PA and she told me to go to the ER. Got admitted and put on tons of fluids and antibiotics. Had yet another urine sample done and no evidence of infection but they were sure I had a kidney infection.. and sure enough a little after the anitbiotics started my back pain started to subside. They also think I had some strep too. Had some more ultra sounds done of my kidneys and the cysts are till there and seems like theres at least one more stone.

Those of you who DON'T know my heath history.. I've been dealing with problems with my kidneys since high school. Senior year I woke up one night in the worst pain in my life and went to the ER to find out I had several kidney stones, several cysts, and all around 'abnormal' kidneys. I've moved about a zillion times since then across 3 states ever staying with one doctor for long enough to actually get a diagnosis or a cure. I've had some doctors think its PKD - Polycystic Kidney Disease. I've had others not want to diagnose me with that because usually it's not until your 30-40ish... My last doctor in Utah was calling it 'multiple cystic kidneys'. They say they're not hindering the function of my kidneys, but I'm getting unsure of it. It seems like I'm always in pain now a days.. weither it be just a dull back pain, to a searing stabbing back pain, to UTI type pain.. I'm so sick of it! I want to be healthy! I want to just wake up in the morning and have a good day! And when I'm not sick with kidney stuff I usually have a migraine!


Okay.. My rant is over.

As for cooking things.. been slacking again. Used the slow cooker a bit.. Joe's addited to tacos/sloppy joes. Been buying the powder stuff but making it with ground turkey. I really can't tell the difference.. well actually I can.. becaues it doesn't make me sick! OKAY.. those who know my eating habbits.. I've been known to be a BEEF-A-HOLIC.. but it's changed since the pregnancy. While I was preggo even the thought of the smell of beef made me want to hurl (granted it didn't take much to do that) but I find even now, my son being 8 months old, I am still turned off by a lot of beef things. Now.. a good seared filet sounds great.. but hamburger? Taco? bleeh. And I've found anytime I have beef I get all bloated and just gross feeling! SOO we've been on a turkey fix and I've find it doesn't make me sick! Not asking questions.. Don't care.. just laying off the beef for a bit.. lol!

What was for dinner tonight? Funeral potatoes.. Got the recipe on here already in my Thanksgiving post. Mom never had that recipe before and she even agreed she liked it better than my grandmas :P And it's about a zillion times easier.. Sorry Grandma.. LOVE ya.. but Velveta is gross..

Okay. That is all.


  1. Hey speaking of beef... my friend at work told me that she is allergic to beef... Maybe you are too?

  2. Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got scratchy throat.

    You can access info online @

  3. Sam.. if I'm allergic to beef I'll cry!!

    Katherine - Thanks for the link! I'll have to do some research!