Oct 3, 2011

Doubling Coupons

SO.. I had an EXCELLENT Target trip the other day.. BUT had a snafu @ checkout and ended up not being able to pay for my purchase (credit card limit issues we later found out). BUT my before coupon total was around $250 and after she run in my coupons it was $170. I mean.. not super awesome.. But there were some awesome deals that snuck in there.

Target had their Bayer Advanced Aspirin on sale for $2.99.
I had a $2/1 Manufacturers Coupon (MC)
AND a $1/1 Target Coupon. (TC)

SO, yes! The Aspirin was FREE! Not only FREE but I made a penny off each one! Now I only had enough target coupons to get 3. I had one extra MC so bought one for 99cents. Still not a bad deal for an 80ct bottle of aspirin!

This is an EXCELLENT example of doubling your savings using both a Store Coupon and a Manufacturers Coupon. Out here I have Fareway, Hyvee, and Food Pride for grocery stores. Hyvee usually does a few store coupons, but usually limits 1 per transaction.. which can cause issues. Target is an AWESOME store for store coupons and even has Mobile Coupons. I don't know much about these because, well, I don't have an awesome phone... lol. There's also KMart and on a few occasions Walmart. Most stores allow you to use both, but make sure to get a copy of your stores Coupon policy to make sure they allow!

Another good thing to check is to see if they actually allow 'overage'. That's when your coupon total exceeds the actual cost of the item and you 'make money'. Some stores will allow it to go against your total, and if your total is negative they will give it to you in cash or store gift card. Some will allow it to go to your total, but will zero it out if your total is negative. Other stores will give you no overage and will adjust the price for the item to be free, but this is it.

Now, with my binder, I keep all my 'Specific Store' coupons in their own category. I usually will go thru the store coupons and find match-ups with my MC's and put a post-it note on the sleeve to remind me I have an MC for the same item. That way when I'm making my walks down the aisles I can see right away, without having to flip around and around.

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