Oct 13, 2011

Kmart Trip

So! Here I am again! Just had a pretty good Kmart trip - Could have been better, but there was some ill-planning on my part. Also shopping with a grouchy toddler tends to cause more errors on my part.
So there were some GREAT Covergirl coupons in last weeks paper : $8.00/2 Covergirl Face Cosmetics. Right off the bat I went to walmart
Covergirl Blush $3.39
-$8/2 MC
Overage of 61cents/each
W00t! Well today I decided to see if eyeshadow and eyeliner counted as a 'face' cosmetic. I bought:
5 Eye shadows @ 3.39/each
2 Eyeliners @ $5.99/each
1 Eyeliner @ $8.99
Total: $37.92
-$8/2 MC x4
Paid: $5.92! (Averaging 74cents/each)
Now, normally I wouldn't have bought the $8.99 eyeliner. Someone put the wrong one on the peg. I didn't catch it at checkout as I was trying to get a toddler calmed down because I wouldn't buy him a sucker.. lol. But Hey! I'll take it!
Also Kmart had a special on 12pk Coke: 3/10.. or 4/10 with your Shop Your Ways Rewards Card (but one of the coke products had to either be a Fanta or Coke Zero). Now no where did I see the fine print with the limit 1 offer. I bought 6 Coke Classics and 2 Coke Zeros. I ended up paying for the 2nd one. I also had 2 $1/3 MC coupons for Coke.
8 Coke Products Retail $4.25 ($34.00)
Sale Price $3.33 (26.64)
-$1/3 MC x2
-$3.33 Rebate for buying coke zero
Paid: $21.33
My grand totals of the shopping trip was
Retail: $93.88
Paid: $34.30*
Saved: $60.58 or 64.5%
*My total was actually $49.22. I used $4.92 that I had on my rewards card to bring it to $44.30. With the receipt I got a $10 credit for my next visit.

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  1. That is SO cool! I want make up for less than a dollar each!