Aug 5, 2014


 So, every great AFTER picture needs a BEFORE right? I suppose it's time to post it...

And that's me! All 255lbs. Looking back at where I was last year, I can't believe I got down to 217lbs! I've gained SO much back! It makes me sick! None of my size 22 jeans fit right anymore.. But I refuse to go back to 24! SO, here is the before. Let me publicly humiliate myself a bit to keep me motivated to GET IT OFF.

I had a lapse yesterday and went to a pizza buffet and went to down. I kind of tracked.. but after I hit 32pts I gave up. I used what was left of my weekly points, and I used the few activity points I earned, and I'm pretty sure I still hate more then that. BUT I went home and worked out. It was a ROUGH workout however.

I had hypertension.. but I don't take my meds. Not for any good reason other then I don't take them! My script ran out last year and at the time I thought I had it under control.. However last May, before Matt went into his last admit, he drove me to the ER because I started having crazy symptoms.. Shaking, backing out, chest pain, ext. My blood pressure was somewhere near 200/180. It was a pretty good scare as the doctors started throwing around the words 'Cardiac Episode'. I got back on my beds for a month or so, but everything went downhill again when Matt got admitted, and well, that road was traveled. I've been feeling pretty good as of lately, until last night. I started with the low intensity cardio and started feeling the tightness in my chest again. I started to take it slower and took a break or two, but then when I started the high intensity I started to feel that back-out shaky feeling again, so I switched to cool down and called it good for the night. I have a doctors appt set for the 22nd to talk to the doctor more about my blood pressure meds, and what plan of exercise would be best for me.

But moving forward - Been craving Chinese like CRAZY today so I made a 'skinny' orange chicken. Its not as skinny as I'd like it to be, as I forgot to buy cornstarch and had to use flour, but at 6pts a serving I'll take it over take-out!


  1. You are amazing! All these odds that you overcome and you keep on going! I know this "before" is the start of something great for you. On a side note, I'm about to do the "before" post on my blog- do we think alike or what?