Aug 12, 2014

Change makes change

So, with all this clean eating there has been a lot of change in my house. My fridge is full of fruits and veggies and there isn't much junk food to be found. Obviously this has made a change in my son's live as well - but I never would have guess how well he'd take it. Just like with weight watchers, I've told Javion if he wants a snack he's always allowed to have a healthy snack. My crisper drawer (which is TOTALLY accessable to this 4 year old) is full of grapes, oranges, apples and carrots. And the tupperware of watermelon is within reach as well. All my son ever asks me for now is 'healthy snacks'. We're fighting over the watermelon when I get us a bowl full. He ate a bag of grapes in the span of 2 days. It's amazing! Also our fridge has that water in the door deal. and now all he drinks is water! Because he can get it himself.

Today he just warmed my heart.. as I was getting ready for work he came and asked what I was doing. I told him I was getting all my healthy snacks ready for work.. He then asked me fore baggie and he fixed himself a ziplock bag full of grapes and carrots to take the babysitter, for his healthy snack. "Mom see! Now you have YOUR healthy snack you take to work, and I have MY healthy snack I take to the babysitter!". 

It makes me feel like such a good Mom knowing I'm becoming a positive roll model for my son. I used to think all he wanted to do was munch on chips all day - but now I realize - He just wants to do what I'm doing. I could sit down and eat a family sized bag of chips in one sitting, no problem! And now we're fighting over watermelon and grapes. It feels SO GOOD to eat healthy and know that I'm doing whats best for our bodies. Looking forward to weigh in day!


  1. What an awesome motivation for you!! :) I'm so proud of you!!

  2. Thank you Nikki!! It's a work in progress!