Apr 26, 2013

Another pound..

Well - Last week was another bad week. I think I let the 20lb loss get to my head and I slacked. Big time. In fact I was scared of yesterdays weigh in.. I was almost certain that I was going to have my first gain - but to my shock I had a loss. Just one pound - but a loss none the less.

Seems like as I'm losing weight off my body - I'm gaining weight in stress. Seems like I've always lived a high stress life - but this week has been rough. We have been without our normal amazing babysitter so my Javion's behavior has been off the wall. Back talking, tantrums, destructive behavior. Heck yesterday he decided to destroy his bedroom dresser! Reaching my breaking point. Today has been no different. He goes to his grandma's house this weekend however and she seems to have a no-nonsense way with him that usually gets him back into gear. Hopefully with some Grandma Boot camp this weekend and going back to our normal sitting starting Tuesday he'll start to get back to my lovable boy.

Matt and I have been working on trying to get a house. With our situation this is the best time for us. With his condition he won't always be able to work as much as he does now - so we're trying to take advantage of that in the financial department and lock in a home loan now while we can. Lord knows my credit will get us no where. However we keep running into hiccups. Of course it's all just one thing after another.

On top of it all Matt's doctor's appt yesterday wasn't the greatest. He got a bit of a cold right when he got out of the hospital so his PFTs aren't where they should be and his weight is already dropping again. His doctor doesn't seem too worried - but prescribed him some more meds, including an appetite stimulant. He's been getting better on his treatments - I've even been able to get him to start doing his vest! I've started bartering with him with a reward system.. haha! Seems to be working for now!

Had another hit last night as well - found out that my Maid of Honor will most likely not be able to make it to our wedding. With 7 weeks to go it really put me at a loss. Anxiety kicked in hard last night and I had a panic attack right in my kitchen. Luckily I have some great friends out here who are willing to step up at a moments notice. Javion's babysitter Amanda has really become a great friend to me over the last few months. I had already asked her to be my personal attendant, so moving her up to a bridesmaid was a no brainer. Now hopefully the rest of the wedding plans can remain stress free. I did have another snag yesterday - Matt's aunt is a hair dresser and I thought that she was going to be willing to help out with all of our hair for the wedding day, but she isn't. Can't blame her - I waited a while to even ask her and she isn't my normal hair stylist or anything.. So just something else I gotta figure out!!

I'm going to post a tutorial for the wishing tree I made a few days ago. I had some major problems with it - so it should be an interesting blog! Stay tuned!

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