Apr 18, 2013

The {first} twenty pounds!

That's right! Weigh in Thursday! Three and a half pounds down!! That puts me at a total of TWENTY ONE AND A HALF POUNDS LOST! If someone would have told me that I was going to lose over 20lbs in 6 weeks I would have laughed at them! But here I am! Over 20lbs lighter! All by eating right!

NOTHING fits me correctly anymore! Pants are falling off, shirts are loose. Yeah, even my bras and panties aren't fitting right anymore! Heck even my engagement rings is loose! It's an amazing feeling!! And I can't even say it was that 'hard'. Yes, there has been rough days.. Days that I have YEARNED for some tasty drive thru french fries or some warm cheesy pizza. And with weight watchers I'm still able to do this on occasion, and I have! I feel like I haven't been following as strictly as I should be - which makes me wonder just how much could I lose if I was!

So with this {first} 20lbs down, I have 20 more to go to reach my first goal. After that I'll need to lose another 24lbs to reach my second goal of 175lbs. From there another 25lbs to 150. After that point - well we'll see WHEN we get there!!

I went crazy today and decided to make some motivational posters to keep me on track.. Here's what I've come up with!

On the fridge to keep me from snacking....

On the bathroom mirror to remind me every morning... {hi..}

And my weight loss wall!!

I love my weight loss wall! It is visually helping me see how far I've come, and how far I have to go! It's right in my bedroom next to my closet, where I'll see it all the time. (And now everyone knows how crappy my handwriting can be.. eh)

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